Operating Elements Group


Grips, Handles and Knobs

Our handles provide a comfortable grip in applications that require continuous use of the operating element. Whether you have to turn, push or pull to operate the mechanism, the items offered in this section will provide the comfort and usability that your application requires.

Handwheels, Handles and Screw-in Handles

Handwheels are ideal for any application where general or precise adjustments need to be made via a turning mechanism. We offer an excellent selection of handwheel types, including solid disk, and those with two, three or more spokes. They are available without handles, or with revolving or retractable handles. Materials offered include steel, stainless steel, aluminum, cast iron, and a variety of plastics.

For applications requiring added safety features, we offer handwheels with safety clutches as well as separate clutch assemblies.

Clamping and Tension Levers

Clamping and Tension levers are components that offer a ratcheting feature that is especially useful in tight spaces. Their design also allows for easier visual adjustment to specific positions, and their ergonomic shape makes them user-friendly. They are ideal for situations where more torque is required than can be achieved with a simple knob.

For heavy-duty applications, we have a selection of steel and stainless steel adjustable levers with ball handles, both angled and flat, in tapped and stud varieties and a large range of sizes. 

Grips, Machine and Device Handles

We offer industrial handles in many material types and sizes for all of your access hardware requirements, fabricated of steel, stainless steel, plastic and aluminum. Tapped and stud type handles are offered in straight, angled, off-set and arched designs, as well as more unusual versions like ledge, folding, and recessed tray. Our through hole style pull handles include designs especially for safety. Extruded grip and edge handles and both closed and open door pulls are included in our line. We have sizes and configurations for any application, or can provide custom lengths or bends.

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